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About Us

Our Organization

Scavendgers is student initiative and charity organization that strives to support the scavenger community of Hong Kong. We operate by utilizing our streamlined design and manufacturing skillsets to create products and artworks with cardboard. All our profits go towards further supporting the scavenger community via donations. We have more projects in development, like inter-house competitions and interactive workshops. Members in our operations will gain access to a wide range of service opportunities, take part in various professional workflows, as well as gain valuable experience of interacting with members of our wider community and other soft or hard skills.

Our Mission

Scavendgers is a dedicated to supporting local scavengers (people who collects and sells discarded items for a living) socially and financially. Our members are passionate in making a positive impact in society, and strive to tackle the economic inequality that is strikingly present in our community. We welcome like-minded individuals who share our vision of excellence and service.

Our History

Scavendgers was officially launched in 2022. In the year, we were extremely successful in the secondary service day (JAM), as well as the PTA service day, raising a total of around HK$5,000 worth of cash and tokens. Our initiative also received a lot of its initial exposure in these events. 

Future Plans

We plan to continue our success from the service markets last year, inheriting the successes of the iconic cardboard products while also introducing a new and extended inventory of durable and multi-functional products. Parallel to the Scavendgers merchandise store, the Scavendgers Foods stall will also be supplying freshly baked cookies and other beverages to keep you energised throughout the day. 

Additionally, we will also be launching the More than a Bag event, in hope of supporting scavengers financially and socially. This event will involve a donation drive to gather resources from the ISF community, packaging of gift bags by volunteers during PTA service day, and the distribution of these gift bags in the local community. 

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