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Partnership with V Cycle

May 15th, 2023

Derrick Zhang

Scavendgers officially formed a partnership with the charity organization V Cycle on May 10th of 2023. V Cycle is an established charity that is committed to social empowerment and poverty relief. We feel that V Cycle’s charitable initiatives aligns with our organization’s direction.

Furthermore, our organizations have much in common. We both manufacture sustainable products, and are dedicated to supporting the scavenger community financially.

However, V Cycle is a senior organization to Scavendgers, as it is more well-established and experienced, and we hope to obtain guidance from V Cycle in our partnership.

As for our commitment in this partnership, we pledge to donate all our future earnings to V Cycle, and combine our efforts in poverty alleviation for the Scavendgers community.

This partnership marks the first external collaboration for Scavendgers, and is the first milestone in our future endeavor of charitable collaborations. We hope that our continuous collaboration with established charities will broaden our audience base and escalate our organization effectiveness.

We are grateful for this important partnership, and will try our best to maximise this opportunity.


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