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Raising Awareness

Documentary | A Day in the Life of a Scavenger

Each year, up to thousands of people, riddled with poverty, resort to scavenging and selling cardboard on the streets in Hong Kong. Grandma Wong, a 70-year-old, is one of the local scavengers who experience day-to-day suffering under the pressure of an ever-evolving society. In today’s episode, we look into the daily life of Wong and investigate the factors behind her situation as a scavenger.

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Through the lenses of intersectionality, it becomes apparent that societal problems, such as the need to scavenge, cannot be understood in isolation. Instead, individuals often encounter a complex amalgamation of challenges that arise from the intersection of different systematic, economical, and social issues, like cycle of poverty, gender, and age. 

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Unveiling the Hidden Struggles

Scavengers, often operating on the fringes of society, face a multitude of challenges that are often overlooked. Through powerful storytelling and intimate interviews, we aim to give voice to their experiences, providing a platform for their stories to be heard. Join us as we delve deeper into their daily challenges, aiming to shed light on their specific and personalized needs.

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Interview #2 | Archives

In this video, we interviewed another scavenger at Shum Shui Po, where she told us more about herself and the difficulties she face as a scavenger. 

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Interview #1 | Archives

In this video, we visited a scavenger in Sham Shui Po, where she told us more about her daily life and introduced her to our initiative. At the end, we also purchased her batch of cardboard at a high price, which we used to manufacture some of our products after sterilisation. 

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